Saturday, October 11, 2008

1st teaser

“Look out there’s a dragon!” Duncan was the first to understand what was happening. He threw Jack and Roxn to the ground as he leapt aside. The dragon’s talons ripped at their clothes as it skimmed over them, its wings throwing sand everywhere.
“If I never see another piece of sand it will be too soon.” Jack muttered as he spit sand from his mouth.
“Nice to see danger can’t erase your sparkling personality!” Roxn replied as she too brushed the sand from her face.
Duncan glared at them. “Can it you two. Let’s figure out how to survive this OK?”
Jack smiled a cynical smile. “Why couldn’t they wait to invade us until after I had a dragon?”
“It’s coming back!” Roxn screamed as the dragon wheeled and made another dive at them. Again, they dove into the sand, avoiding the sharp talons by only a few inches. Again, the trio got up and brushed off the grit.
Jack drew his sword. “I don’t know what I’m going to do against a dragon, but I am not going back in that sand again if I can help it.” He looked around and saw chaos everywhere. There were dragons of all sorts in aerial battles and people fighting on the ground. He looked again toward the black dragon and saw that it wasn’t done with them.
“Its coming again guys!” Jack was ready, but even though he got a clean swipe at the forearm, he was ineffective. He heard a solid clang as his sword bounced in his hands. “AAAGGH!” He screamed in frustration. “Its wearing armor! Duncan? Roxn?” Jack looked around only to discover that the dragon had grabbed them both. A cold dead weight settled in the pit of his stomach. To have survived so much together only to have it end like this.
“No.” A single, barely perceptible word. Jack’s eyes blazed, his teeth clenched. This would not happen without a fight. Grim determination settled over him. He turned toward the dragon bearing down on him. He raised the sword and braced for impact.


Rachel Storms said...

I love it! Can't wait to read the book!

Dianna said...

Ok I'm going to buy this one. :D

Amber said...

Love it already! Can't wait for more!