Wednesday, May 1, 2013


The first installment is published!!!  It will be available on Amazon in paperback next week.  It is now available on Kindle and Nook at a considerably cheaper price than the paperback.  ($10 vs $3.99)  I have learned that the money you spend to buy a book goes to a lot of different places.  For physical copies, the author gets a pretty small percentage.  The percentage is better for ebook, but the price is less so its about the same either way.  Good thing I'm not writing just to get rich!!!!  LOL!  I have already started on the next installment so keep watching!  Give me a read and some feedback. I love comments!!!  And  if you like it,  TELL YOUR FRIENDS!!!  Word of mouth is the only advertisement I have but I believe if a story is good enough, that's all you need.  Thank you!

Saturday, April 20, 2013


Well, I'm back!  I apologize for falling off the face of the planet again, but life happens.  I have decided to split the first book into 3 installments.  I did this for many reasons. First being that I decided to try self publishing and I wanted to encourage people to give me a read without getting invested in a 600 page adventure.  Each book will stand alone, but will spin a greater story.  I hope this makes it easier for the younger audience as well. 

The Dragons of El Shaddai is an expansive story and is told from the point of view of 6 major characters all who move the story along with very little repeat of events.  The first character, Jack Senifah, covers the first book (which is actually going to be three smaller books).  I may break the books of the rest of the characters the same way, or not, depending on how it is recieved.

Another reason I broke it up was because it really helped me to focus and get the story together.  I have so many events and details in my head it was really distracting.  Which bring me to the BIG NEWS!  I am about to release the first book! The manuscript is complete, has been rewritten several times, and is now in the final stage of editting!  I will be releasing through Amazon first and I hope within the next few weeks.  I am scheduled for May 1st!  You can follow me on twitter as Heather Dawn.

The first books title is

Dragons of El Shaddai (series name)
Ancient Bloodline (title)
The Beginning (subtitle)

Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Dark City of Sanktus

Hmm, I'm back at it praise God!!! The next place Jack's journey takes him is a place called The Dark City of Sanktus. The book will reveal some of their history, but to those of you who follow my blog, you get a little extra backstory! 200 years after the catastrophy which changed the face of their planet, refugees began to repopulate a fallen city on the banks of the river ... well the river doesn't have a name yet... They were a band of people migrating across the land, following the river, and they were forced into the city by a fierce predator which populated the surrounding forest. This predator is a night hunter and hunts by heat much like a viper, though much larger, and hungrier. This forced the people to hide their fires and light and selves at night. Thus "The DARK City". The City is vast, but as there is not much in the way of transportation and definetly no land to produce food on in the Heart of the city, the refugees settled in the outer perimeter of the city. Through great diligence, they turned the ruined suburbia surrounding the city into rich farmlands. On a side note, the refugees embrace an interesting belief system which isnt totally unlike one found in our own society. Eventually, this belief (and other various political variables) cause a rift in the population. Those who are now outcast chose exile further into the city rather than braving the forests. Much to their surprise they discovered hidden parks and ruined gardens all over the city. They also discovered the subway system which provides access into previously unreachable areas of the city as well as more than adequate protection from the ringers (those living on the outskirt of the city) and the predators. As time marched on, this outcast society falls into rumor and legend among the ringers. A circumstance the outcasts fully embraced. Nowadays the ringers don't dare venture to far into the city because they believe it to be haunted by the lost souls of the "Old World." The Outcasts perpetuate this fear by patrolling the city and preventing any who venture too far in from returning. In my next post I will describe the ringer and outcast societies so you may be fully aware what Jack and Phoenix will be stumbling into.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Update for June

I am almost half way through with the book. YAY!!! I'm actually a little behind schedule thanks to my movement dilema a few weeks ago, but it's really flowing now! If I could just get the kids to stop arguing during play time so I can type in peace, I would be almost done I bet. Oh well. :) Back to it!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Quest

Uncle Mike jerked around to face the Wanderer. "So TELL me what they stole!" Anger burned in his eyes and his features hardened at the prospect of Zibrexas having such a power. "Quit leading me around in circles and tell me what we are up against!" The Wanderer nodded. "OK, I'll tell you what I can. When the Old World shook and the Continents moved under a blackened sky, the survivors decided to destroy all knowledge of the technology that caused the Great Catastrophe. There was so much lost in that decision. You see, the tech itself was not dark and evil, only the way it was used. Like most science, it was a two sided coin. There was much good that it could have done... much that it DID do. There is a secret society hidden somewhere that refused to allow that knowledge pass away. They have guarded it for thousand years with the hope that one day it can again be used for the good of mankind. At least, that is the legend. That is what Zibrexas is after. The thieves stole an ancient puzzle box. I believe that it contains the first clue for finding that society." I stood up beside of my uncle. "That's it then. We have to find it before Zibrexas does!"

Sunday, May 15, 2011

The bad guy

Our hero has recently run up on quite a challenge. He faces a spy with incredible abilities. I have it on good authority this man can change his appearance. But this is the face e have on file.
Ali says "Ooohh! He's scary!"

Friday, May 13, 2011

2011 up to speed

I changed the book to the first person format. It seems to be flowing better now.
Jack (main character) seems to have captured the interest of a red dragon at the facility.
Here is my first attempt to draw Phoenix, the red dragon.