Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Quest

Uncle Mike jerked around to face the Wanderer. "So TELL me what they stole!" Anger burned in his eyes and his features hardened at the prospect of Zibrexas having such a power. "Quit leading me around in circles and tell me what we are up against!" The Wanderer nodded. "OK, I'll tell you what I can. When the Old World shook and the Continents moved under a blackened sky, the survivors decided to destroy all knowledge of the technology that caused the Great Catastrophe. There was so much lost in that decision. You see, the tech itself was not dark and evil, only the way it was used. Like most science, it was a two sided coin. There was much good that it could have done... much that it DID do. There is a secret society hidden somewhere that refused to allow that knowledge pass away. They have guarded it for thousand years with the hope that one day it can again be used for the good of mankind. At least, that is the legend. That is what Zibrexas is after. The thieves stole an ancient puzzle box. I believe that it contains the first clue for finding that society." I stood up beside of my uncle. "That's it then. We have to find it before Zibrexas does!"


Joan said...

I think it's great, Heather! Can't wait to see it on the bookshelf...then I can say....Yup!! That's my daughter in law!!

Doing great girl...hang in there! Will pray for you!

Rachel Storms said...

I'm loving it! Still can't wait to read the book! You are a very talented writer :)