Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Dark City of Sanktus

Hmm, I'm back at it praise God!!! The next place Jack's journey takes him is a place called The Dark City of Sanktus. The book will reveal some of their history, but to those of you who follow my blog, you get a little extra backstory! 200 years after the catastrophy which changed the face of their planet, refugees began to repopulate a fallen city on the banks of the river ... well the river doesn't have a name yet... They were a band of people migrating across the land, following the river, and they were forced into the city by a fierce predator which populated the surrounding forest. This predator is a night hunter and hunts by heat much like a viper, though much larger, and hungrier. This forced the people to hide their fires and light and selves at night. Thus "The DARK City". The City is vast, but as there is not much in the way of transportation and definetly no land to produce food on in the Heart of the city, the refugees settled in the outer perimeter of the city. Through great diligence, they turned the ruined suburbia surrounding the city into rich farmlands. On a side note, the refugees embrace an interesting belief system which isnt totally unlike one found in our own society. Eventually, this belief (and other various political variables) cause a rift in the population. Those who are now outcast chose exile further into the city rather than braving the forests. Much to their surprise they discovered hidden parks and ruined gardens all over the city. They also discovered the subway system which provides access into previously unreachable areas of the city as well as more than adequate protection from the ringers (those living on the outskirt of the city) and the predators. As time marched on, this outcast society falls into rumor and legend among the ringers. A circumstance the outcasts fully embraced. Nowadays the ringers don't dare venture to far into the city because they believe it to be haunted by the lost souls of the "Old World." The Outcasts perpetuate this fear by patrolling the city and preventing any who venture too far in from returning. In my next post I will describe the ringer and outcast societies so you may be fully aware what Jack and Phoenix will be stumbling into.

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