Saturday, April 20, 2013


Well, I'm back!  I apologize for falling off the face of the planet again, but life happens.  I have decided to split the first book into 3 installments.  I did this for many reasons. First being that I decided to try self publishing and I wanted to encourage people to give me a read without getting invested in a 600 page adventure.  Each book will stand alone, but will spin a greater story.  I hope this makes it easier for the younger audience as well. 

The Dragons of El Shaddai is an expansive story and is told from the point of view of 6 major characters all who move the story along with very little repeat of events.  The first character, Jack Senifah, covers the first book (which is actually going to be three smaller books).  I may break the books of the rest of the characters the same way, or not, depending on how it is recieved.

Another reason I broke it up was because it really helped me to focus and get the story together.  I have so many events and details in my head it was really distracting.  Which bring me to the BIG NEWS!  I am about to release the first book! The manuscript is complete, has been rewritten several times, and is now in the final stage of editting!  I will be releasing through Amazon first and I hope within the next few weeks.  I am scheduled for May 1st!  You can follow me on twitter as Heather Dawn.

The first books title is

Dragons of El Shaddai (series name)
Ancient Bloodline (title)
The Beginning (subtitle)

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